Embrace All

Shadows to Light

Skills & Vibrational Alignment for Evolving Times

Inner Alchemy :-: Uncovering Gold in our Shadows



Earth Medicine

Dream Skills


These potent times call for deep introspection and excavation of our inner world.

As Above, so Below

As Within, so Without

The way forward is inward.

These game-changing modalities serve to shed light upon that which needs it the most, the subconscious. 

Are you ready to discover the gold within?


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Jeremy is my birth name.

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Dreams, music, and nature were my awakening.

I believe these universal languages are encrypted within us all. It takes guidance, practice, and patience to unlock and understand the unique gifts waiting for those ready to listen.

I'm here to serve as a bridge for seekers in the realm of introspective healing arts, specializing in Earth Medicine (Plant Medicine) integration, Dream Skills, and vibrational alignment through curated sound journeys, music content, and music education.


"As a listener, healer, guide, musician, chef, and facilitator, Jeremy exceeded all of my expectations. From our first interaction, he provided a safe and welcoming space for impactful discussions and personal recognition. His preparation, support, and unique kindness allowed me to have an exquisite journey. I’m extremely grateful to have found the inner joy I was searching for, and connecting with Jeremy was the prescription I truly needed."

Male, 42

"It was incredibly grounding to have his listening skills, suggestions, and presence. He is very knowledgeable and often brought up a perspective I had not considered. His committment to this process and to his clients is sincere and solid. Jeremy is an artist and a healer. I trust him and recommend him to anyone seeking deeper integration and a supportive approach to relating to plant medicines and higher consciousness."

Female, 50
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Live Your Authentic Truth.

Self-discovery awaits.

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